Clover Station Duo ─ A Complete POS For Big Business

The most common problem a business owner faces is the need for more sales to take home a profit. This station can accept payments and increase your sales and profit by a significant amount.

A faster and more customer-engaging device at POS stations.

What Will You Get Unboxing the Clover Station Duo

These are the items that you get when unboxing the duo system if you purchase from us:

duo county bill pay


We have tried to list all the features of Duo Station and provide a brief overview of the necessary features below:

  • Dual Screen

    The Dual Screen Track System keeps the line moving with a 14" order display screen and an 8" touch screen for customers to confirm orders, pay, redeem rewards, and leave a tip.

  • Compact Design

    It features a user-friendly printer and steel cash drawer that are aesthetically designed to save space and all the necessary software in one system.

  • Friendly With Other Clover Devices

    You can expand it according to your needs and add more devices like Clover Flex and printers.

  • Auto Customer List

    An automatic customer list is created from credit card sales for future reference.

  • Loyalty Program

    Reward your best customers by creating your own loyalty program to keep bringing them back.

  • Central Hub

    A central hub for power. Two screens—one for you and one for customers One rate for all card payments What else do you need?

  • Empowering the Community

    Empower your community through charity apps, enabling donations and change settlement at checkout. Enhance the spirit of doing well and making a positive impact.

  • Take Control Of Your Business With Ease

    Access and manage the data, reports, and employee schedules on the go and anywhere. Run your business efficiently, spot sales patterns, and make smarter marketing decisions. Your business insights are now at your fingertips.

  • Clover App Market

    Clover has its own app market where you can choose from many useful apps to operate and customize the Clover Station Duo.

Clover Station Solo Vs. Duo

clover station solo

Solo Station

  • • One 14" touch screen for you
  • • Contactless reader not available
  • • Designed for smaller business
  • • Basic payment processing
  • • Basic inventory management
  • Enhanced Security
clover station duo

Duo Station

  • • One 14" touch screen for you and one 8’’ touch screen for guests
  • • Contactless reader available for contactless payments
  • • For large scale businesses
  • • Advance payment processing
  • • Comprehensive inventory management


Compared to any other device on the market, the this POS station is the most innovative and cutting-edge system that the company could offer. Their software, essential for hardware, holds vast potential across diverse industries. This is due to the comprehensive Clover App Market, which offers a wide range of applications to cater to various user needs.


The device comes for $1,799 and costs $49.95 for services. You can also visit the Clover site for more information.

Every Station model is compatible with external printers. You can buy a kitchen printer online on our website and attach it with a cable.

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