Cost To Start An ATM Business

Are you exploring ways to generate a passive income stream? If you are the owner of a restaurant, saloon, superstore, or any retail store or can find a place where there is foot traffic, then executing this business idea can be extremely beneficial for making some extra bugs. Yes, I am talking about launching an ATM business. It is the smartest way to make passive income.

Similar to other start-up businesses, this plan also comes with some initial investment. Therefore, before delving into estimation, planning, and further calculations, you must familiarize yourself with the associated areas of expenses. It includes the following:

How Much Does Buying An ATM Cost?

There are two main ways to get ATMs for your business. You could either buy or rent them out, whatever you deem fit. Let’s see how much buying or renting a machine would cost:

The price range of buying a new ATM in the United States generally costs between $2,000 and $8,000

On average, the price range of a standard ATM is between $ 1,500 and $5,000; however, for machines with higher specifications, the price can go as high as $ 8,000. The cost typically varies based on factors such as the machine’s condition, features, brand or model, and size or capacity.

Additionally, buying a refurbished one can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 for a machine with average features.

While a free-standing automated teller machine costs $2,500–$7,000, a built-in or through-the-wall machine costs anywhere between $3,500 and $8,000; yet again, the price depends on the condition and the features of the machine.

How Much Does Renting A Cost?

When you are on a tight budget or don’t want to splurge on an investment you have no idea about, renting a machine out is the better choice. This way, you can gain deep insight into a business while remaining on the safe side.

Normally, companies charge a monthly price for renting their ATMs. Usually, these cash kiosks have an average rental cost of $60 to $150 per month. This is an estimate; the actual price depends on what type of ATM you wish to rent out, the condition, and the features.

Usually, renting is the preferred option as opposed to buying them. Unlike buying ATMs, renting them out is usually more cost-efficient, especially when you plan to run the business on testing or for short-term use.

Another advantage of renting is that most rental services themselves deal with any maintenance or upkeep that may be required during the rental period.

buy an atm business

Installation And Running Costs

  • ATM Installation Cost

    After acquiring your ATM, the next step is to install it in your chosen location. Installation services from various companies typically range from $500 to $1,500 or more, depending on your machine's requirements or any preparation to be done in the area of installation. However, you can save the said amount of money if you choose us to set up your ATM start-up, as we provide free-of-cost installation and top-notch quality.

  • Cost Of Running The Business

    In addition to the initial charges of buying and installing, there are other charges that you will have to pay to keep your business going.

  • Rental Costs

    As mentioned above, if you decide to rent the machine, you have to pay between $60 and $150 monthly for the rental service.

  • Space Rental Costs

    For ATM operations to run efficiently and maximize earnings, you need to search for strategic locations with high foot traffic. Once you find your desired location, you will have to contact the owner of that location and make a deal for the space rental. Most location owners usually charge a monthly fee for the space rental. The rental fee depends on the area of the space, location, and different factors.

  • Maintenance costs

    After the installation, the ATMs may require some maintenance now and then. The maintenance costs always apply to you if you are the owner. However, some rental services also include maintenance costs in their monthly price.

  • Insurance Cost

    There are different types of insurance that you can get for your ATM operations to help protect your assets. An average ATM business pays around $500 to $800 a year in general liability coverage. The insurance cost will be dependent on the type of insurance, your machine’s location, and several other factors.

Cost To Start An ATM Business

Summing Up

These are the general costs associated with operating an ATM business. In summary, careful consideration of the costs is required to set up an ATM business. The cost of running operations includes buying or renting the ATMs, maintenance costs (complimentary with our services), location rental charges, and other charges.

Running this establishment can be a profitable venture, especially when the machine is strategically placed in high-traffic areas. However, to succeed in this, you must carefully check all your costs and make a smart, feasible plan. By adopting this approach, you can create a profitable and long-lasting business.


The amount of cash a machine can hold is typically $20,000. This amount is for machines located in places where there are not many people, such as convenience stores, restaurants, and retail shops. The ATM typically employs a cash cassette (a box for storing money) that can hold 1000 notes, with the most common bill being $20. This amount can exceed $800,000 when the place is busy.

Yes, you can run this business. Even if you know how to run it and find the best location for your machine, this business can be a very profitable passive income source.

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