Dejavoo QD2: Android POS Mobile Terminal

The Dejavoo QD2 is the latest and most robust wireless Android mobile terminal for merchants, resellers, and vendors. It helps businesses process credit card payments professionally.

High Name Low Price

Dejavoo is a renowned company that has produced the already-famous Z line of Android and Linux POS systems and has produced P Line terminals recently. What makes the QD2 special is the price it comes with and the features and specs it carries. You will get these features on other competitor devices after paying significantly more.

This device is the latest cutting-edge Android POS with extended battery life because of two batteries, a 5.5-inch high-resolution color LCD, AURA software, and an on-the-go mobile payment station for mobility across your store. You can also take this device outside your shop for events and expos because of its wireless 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity option. This Android machine is transactional and ready for every debit and credit card.

Descriptive 5.5-Inch Touch Screen

Price is one of many attractive features to lure customers in. The maker has also worked on this large 5.5-inch screen to match its quality with the super LCDs you see and use in cars, watches, and appliances of high caliber. The DQ2 has a touchscreen that has a modernized and high-tech touch.

The user interface that the screen provides is descriptive. Every operation is done on the vast screen, from payment processing to giving or emailing the receipt to the customer.

dejavoo 5.5 inch touch screen

Finger Scanner on Screen

The same screen provides security through a biometric security option. It has a 20 x 32mm capacitive fingerprint sensor and scanner that support ANSI-378, ISO 19794-2, and ISO 19794-4 formats.

qd2 dejavoo Android device

Powered By Android OS

Not only does the screen size make the payment station perfect, but so do its functions. This credit card reader is power-packed with a safe Android operating system. It is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, ensuring simple use for all customers.

The quad-core processor of 1.1 GHz makes it faster and smoother enough to be hassle-free and intelligent. The intuitive OS is designed to favor the customer in payment transactions.

Contactless And Card Payment Options

It supports NFC and mobile wallet payments, enabling users to utilize services like Apple Pay, Mastercard Paypass, Visa PayWave, ExpressPay, and other contactless payment methods.
The mobile terminal accepts all physical card technology, like EMV, chip, and magnetic stripes.

Dual Connectivity

It has dual connectivity options: wired and wireless. It supports a USB-to-Ethernet connection and provides two possibilities for wireless connectivity. You can connect it via 4G/GPRS or Wi-Fi and go online anywhere.

Printing Option

Though a receipt emailing option is available, many customers need the physical receipt to submit or add to their record books. Therefore, the Company has made this Android POS terminal with a built-in 50mm per second thermal printer. In addition, a 50-foot paper roll is provided along with the hardware when purchased. 


The Dejavoo QD4 is a sought-after POS machine valued for its modern design, user-friendliness, and diverse payment acceptance, including contactless and NFC methods. We also offer on-site installation, competitive costs, and exceptional customer support. Contact us.


Price is the main feature that sets it apart from its competitors, while other features are at the same level.

Yes. It has a built-in printer for physical receipts and an email option for digital.

The device is versatile, with 4G/GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity for payments anywhere.

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