Dejavoo Z9: A Compact Wireless Card Reader

Versatility comes with a compact punch.

Wireless Terminal Series

The Z9 by Dejavoo POS is a revolutionary product in credit card machines. It is by far the most versatile card reader on the current market. The Wi-Fi and 4G GPRS make it mobile and accessible from anywhere in the store. Whether a table at a restaurant or a contractor on a site, it is a perfect match for a merchant.

Mobile Connectivity

The ability to cater to any business through its rich features and connectivity options makes it the compact choice for business runners. The self-discovering Wi-Fi enables this device to process transactions smoothly and safely in areas where connectivity could be an issue. This device also has an Ethernet option available to make it useable on the countertops, and if all fails, 4G connectivity is always there to save the day.

Payment Variety

What is the use of a wireless card machine if it does not provide variety in payment-receiving options? This device has everything a terminal should have, from being an admirable credit card machine to accepting debit card payments. It supports EMV chip and NFC payments to provide business customers with options and contactless transaction systems (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.). Z9 also welcomes magstripe cards.

Adaptive Screen

This POS station typically features a touchscreen interface for easy navigation and transaction processing. Its instinctive 3.5-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen can display all the necessary information. It is perfectly designed to provide a very user-friendly experience for the user. This design and feature add to the popularity of this payment station. The touchscreen features an internal keypad.

Compact Size

The compact size makes it handy to use. The deceptively small frame is designed to provide accessibility to its users. The size is built with handiness, keeping in mind that it can also be used by one hand. Here are the device's dimensions to make the picture more evident in the consumer's head.

Receipt Options

It has a built-in thermal printer capable of printing at 100mm/second speed. It usually comes with a 50-ft paper roll. Like any modern credit card machine, it also allows sending the customer's digital receipts via email or text message if the customer chooses to do so.

Expandable Memory

It has a base memory of 128 MB of RAM and can expand with 64 MB of DDR RAM when required, totaling 192 MB of RAM. It also has a micro SD slot to expand memory and transfer data when needed.

Additional Physical Keyboard

Besides the touch-sensitive screen, the Z9 has a 15-button back-lit keypad featuring embossed markings on action keys like the OK button.


The wireless payment terminal usually uses thermal receipt paper rolls that are 2.25 inches (57mm) in width. This is a common size for receipt paper rolls used in many point-of-sale (POS).

Yes, the Dejavoo Z8 is a wireless payment processor. It's designed to connect to payment networks and process transactions wirelessly, typically through Wi-Fi or cellular data connections.

To turn off a terminal, access the main menu and select "Shutdown" or "Power Off."

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