Hyosung Halo 2

The Hyosung Halo 2 is a sleek and modern machine that is best for day-to-day ATM needs. The machine is among the top-selling Hyosung series. This average-priced machine is not only perfect for retail stores but also workable for high-demand ATM locations. It is the best value for business owners looking to install a kiosk in their locality. This machine is also a favorite among the operators because of its reliability and quality.


This cash dispenser passes all industry standards related to durability. It has a tall and heavier metal frame for a strong build. It’s a robust design that can withstand weather conditions such as harsh temperatures, humidity, etc.

Further, it has a high-quality material used in the machine’s body, keypad, card reader, and other components. All these contribute to the longevity and years of operational lifespan of this machine.

The added front metal frame of the Halo makes it break-in-proof, especially in restaurants and bars where the chances of wine spills are high. Additionally, the system is the best in the industry due to its maximum uptime performance.

Advanced Technology

Hyosung 2 is fully equipped with the latest technology, such as:

Safety And Security

Security is paramount in ATMs because they hold a hefty amount inside and are open to the public for malicious transaction activities. The transaction and locking system should be state-of-the-art. This machine has industry-leading security features that not only meet but exceed expectations. In addition, its EMV card reader secures it from card-related fraudulent transactions.

Furthermore, Hyosung has taken the extra step to comply with PCI 3.0 standards. The company ensures a secure keypad and communication protection through Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. All these combinations create a shield against potential threats, making it reliable hardware.

halo 2 series

Ease Of Use

Despite the latest software and hardware, the machine has clear and simple instructions to support user friendliness and is super handy for first-time users. It has a clear user interface, intuitive functionality, a clean screen layout, and easy-to-navigate buttons that ensure a smooth transaction. It is the best value machine for retail stores.

The LED lights around the keypad not only make it visually appealing for users but also pique their interest, encouraging them to complete transactions with ease.

Unmatched Affordability

This ATM is the go-to option for a fresh retailer because of its exceptional features, security, and affordable price. When we compare the quality of hardware and its build, the price not only pays off but also gives peace of mind to the business owners.


Overall, Hyosung Halo 2 stands out as a reliable and technologically advanced cash dispenser in the industry. Its advanced features, like an EMV card reader, PCI 5.0-compliant keypad, secure communication through TLS transmission encryption, EPP, DCC, and a 10.1" color TFT LCD screen, make it the best option for retail business owners. Additionally, its security features, such as anti-skimming technology, reinforce its reputation as a secure banking solution.

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