VL110 ─ Making Life And Paying Simpler

Streamline Your Cash Handling

If you want a friendly payment solution to increase sales and save valuable time spent exchanging money, we have the perfect answer for you in the shape of a mobile payment processor, the Valor VL110.

This device is the next big thing in wireless payment terminal options because it has cutting-edge technology and many other features. It is a compact virtual terminal that makes the payment processing process smoother.

The built-in software includes a virtual terminal (credit card processing), an e-commerce solution, and a valor portal. Some features include POS, real-time risk monitoring, a customer database, digital receipts (SMS alerts or email receipts), inventory management, and many more.

Payments Options

It accepts multiple types of payments with ease. These are the options:

Key Features

Some features separate this device from other mobile terminals. Only some of those features are distinct; we have written everything about them.

Some Distinctive Features

Hardware Specifications


What cards can you use to accept payments on your Valor VL110?

The Valor VL110 has options to accept payments from different types of cards. These include swipe cards (magstripe) and chip cards (EMV). It smooths the transaction and payment processes and allows customers a convenient payment experience.

Is the bill-splitting option available in this Valor POS?

Yes, It comes with a technology called Valor PayTech, which enables the customer to split the bill in five ways. We have provided every detail in the bill-splitting section on how to do that.

How do I perform credit sales in VL110?
  1. Enter the transaction amount and press OK.
  2. Swipe, insert, or tap the card on the present card screen, or start typing the card number for manual entry.
  3. Sign and tip if prompted.
  4. Select the receipt delivery method.

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