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We are a professional ATM installation company. We handle everything from setup to ongoing support, providing your customers with a top-notch experience. We provide your customers with an unforgettable experience. We are based in Illinois, United States.


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Unmatched Benefits Setting A New Standard In The Industry

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FREE ATM Installation

At Poslinksolution, we believe in making a difference in your business by offering free ATM Installation. 

We understand the significance of financial convenience and the positive effect it can have on your business. That's why we provide you with the opportunity to have an ATM deployed on your premises at absolutely no cost. 

Enjoy 100% Surcharge Commission

With our program, you can earn the full surcharge amount on each transaction made at your ATM. Unlike other providers, we don’t take a cut or charge any fees. This means every surcharge goes directly to your bottom line. This way, we enable you to maximize your earnings. 

  • Increased Revenue

    Enhance customer convenience and easy access to cash. Our state-of-the-art ATM machine installation service drives foot traffic and boosts transactions, resulting in higher profits and potential cross-sales opportunities.

  • On-site ATMs

    Boost business efficiency with on-site ATMs. Install our dedicated machines at stores, factories, offices, malls, and banks in Illinois for smooth operations, hassle-free salaries, and business payments.

  • Reduced Transaction Cost

    Save on transaction fees and take control of your cash flow. Say no to the charges imposed by banks and third-party ATMs. We do more savings for your business.

  • Increase Security

    Customers are often wary of using standalone ATMs in public spaces due to potential security risks. With a machine located in your establishment, the customer feels more secure and confident when conducting transactions.

  • Competitive Edge

    Differentiate your business by offering on-site ATMs. Attract customers who prefer cash transactions, outperform competitors, and achieve remarkable growth. Join us today to tap into this untapped potential.

  • Additional Marketing Opportunities

    Utilize ATM’s screen space to display promotions, advertisements, or even your branding. This serves as a captive marketing channel to urge your customers to buy other products and services.

  • Support And Maintenance

    Trust market expertise to handle technical issues, cash replenishment, and regular maintenance. With our dedicated support, enjoy uninterrupted service and peace of mind, knowing your cash machine operations are in capable hands.

  • Flexibility And Customization

    Choose features like multi-language support, different denominations, and integrated services. Customize the ATM to your customer’s needs for both parties’ maximum benefits.

  • Data Insight

    Gain valuable insight by using customers’ behavior, spending patterns, and peak usage times to make better marketing and business strategies, and get a competitive edge in the market.

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  1. Machine procurement
  2. Professional installation and connectivity anywhere in Illinois.
  3. Comprehensive training
  4. Ongoing maintenance support 
  5. Expert repair service

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The weight of an ATM depends on the model and configuration. Typically, ATMs can weigh between 150 and 300 pounds or more. 

When your ATM is down, it is due to technical issues, maintenance, or network connectivity problems. In such a case, call our representative, and he will take care of the rest of the issue at your doorstep.

A 10-dollar ATM refers to an ATM that dispenses 10-dollar bills as the smallest denomination. Not all ATMs offer this option, as the available bill denominations may vary depending on the ATM’s configuration and the cash it holds.

Our training covers how to operate ATMs, the cash replenishment process, troubleshooting common issues, security measures, and regulatory compliance.

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