Dejavoo QD4: Simplified Android Mobile Terminal

Dejavoo Series: QD4

What is the one essential quality that every touchscreen card machine should have? It should be fast. Customers love nothing but quick checkout times. Simple is short, and QD4 Dejavoo is the same.

This credit card machine has all the necessary features your retail business requires. The contactless terminal accepts EMV chip cards and contactless (NFC) payments, like MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave.

It also swipes traditional swipe credit cards (magstripe) and pin-based or signature-based debit cards.


In case you’re looking for a specific spec or would like to know what this no-dial handheld has to offer, have a look at:


Now that you have found the simple yet perfect specs, you may still need more information to make a better decision for your business. Allow us to provide you with the necessary details.

| Aura Terminal Software

All Dejavoo QD series POS machines are powered with intuitive Aura terminal software, DVPay, and DVLite. The Android-based software allows you to control and monitor payments and rewards through its built-in loyalty program. Aura provides:

| Large Touch Screen Display

The capacitive LCD screen is 5.5 inches long and is designed to be used and seen from any angle. The screen is resilient while being beautiful and easy to operate. The huge display eliminates the need for a keypad and pen, which many find challenging to sign.

| Receipt Printer

Many customers need paper receipts for different purposes, and this contactless credit card terminal has a built-in physical printer. The thermal printer has a speed of 50mm per second and 50 ft of paper roll storage, meaning less reloading hassle.

| Paperless Receipt Option

Many people are now choosing to receive their receipts by email or SMS. This terminal can send e-receipts to customers' emails through WiFi connectivity.

| Multiple Connectivity Options

This device is easy to connect to the internet. It has two wireless connectivity options: via WiFi and satellite USB 2.0. For range problems, it also has the availability of a wired USB-to-Ethernet connection.

| Contactless Payment Option

The POS machine is fully equipped to meet your business’s tech requirements for accepting contactless payments. This includes NFC and mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay, Mastercard PayPass, Visa PayWave, Express Pay, etc.

| A Value For Money

When you physically compare the Dejavoo QD4 Point of Sale (POS) system with other touchscreen devices, such as watches, car screens, or appliances, it becomes evident that this POS stands out as a modern machine designed for the future.
Its sleek design and user-friendly interface make it feel like a true technological advancement. The competitive pricing also sets it apart from similar products available on the market.

Product Summary

POS-requiring businesses quickly embrace the Dejavoo QD4 due to its simple and sleek design, functionality, and mobility. The system's user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate, while its ability to accept multiple payment options, such as NFC and contactless payments, adds to its versatility.


To run a sale:

  • From the home screen, choose the debit or credit card option.
  • Now click on ‘sale’.
  • Enter the total amount of the sale.
  • The screen will show up with non-cash adjustments and the total amount, followed by the ‘ok’ button. It will ask you to confirm the transaction.
  • Now insert the card halfway into the card slot on the right side.
  • After processing is done, it will ask you to remove the card.
  • Now sign the screen and press ‘ok’.
  • It will print a receipt for your record and will ask to print the customer’s receipt as well.
  • Press ‘yes’ to print the customer’s receipt.

Your device should be fully charged when you get it. So, 

  • Plug in, check the battery or charge 
  • Press and hold the power button (located on the left side of the terminal) 
  • If using an Ethernet connection, plug in correctly.
  • It will boot up and start; if not, check your outlet for the blown fuse.


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