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Our POS retail systems are plug-and-play. We listen to your merchant needs, handle the software and hardware setup at our place in Illinois, thoroughly test the system, and ensure it’s ready to integrate into your location. Our POS merchant system is that simple.


POS Retail Systems

What Exactly Is A POS System?

A point-of-sale (POS) is a complete software and hardware setup that facilitates payment processing at checkout counters.

Whether your business operates a physical store in Illinois or an online shop worldwide, the POS system is the central hub where customers bring their selected products for billing.

You can accurately calculate the total amount owed using the POS software and hardware and securely process payments through debit, credit cards, and contactless payments. POS system integration enhances the customer shopping and checkout experience and ensures smooth payment processing.

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Why Is The Point Of Sale Important?

POS is a modern-day register that efficiently manages various aspects of your daily business operations. With a POS system, you can track sales, manage inventory, maintain accurate stock records, and calculate revenue and profitability. The POS system also acts as a central hub for larger businesses to manage branch operations.

Manage Multiple Locations

Regardless of the number of stores under your management or where your central control is located, our solution allows you to monitor sales and inventory from any of your stores in Illinois or across the United States.

With the ability to track sales, smoothly transfer inventory, and send promotions to multiple locations, all your requirements are simplified here at Poslinksolution. Stay in control and efficiently manage your business across multiple sites with ease.

Easy And Secure Payments

With the point-of-sale system, you can offer your customers a hassle-free payment experience that is both easy and secure. 

Next-Day Payment Credits

Cash flow management is vital for retail businesses. That’s why we ensure timely settlement of your credit card sales payments, credited the next day. We prioritize your business’s liquidity, ensuring you always have ample cash.

  • Inventory Management

    Stay informed about the stock levels on your shelves and avoid running out of products with our automated inventory management software in the POS system. With this powerful combination, you can always keep your inventory up to date. It also helps you make timely refills and maintain optimal stock levels.

  • Staff Management

    Managing a growing team and handling payroll are no longer daunting. Our staff management system makes it easier to organize your retail workforce. Our proven service simplifies your staff management tasks and focuses on what truly counts.

  • Insightful Sales History

    Generate advanced sales reports to gain valuable insights into your revenue, profits, and customer sales history. Our system allows you to initiate personalized reports. These reports help you gain confidence and make smart decisions. Ultimately, improve your business strategies for better outcomes. Maximize the value of your sales data and drive business with actionable intelligence.

  • One-Stop Shop for POS Solutions

    We are all-in-one POS solution providers. We provide complete hardware and software, along with training and after-sales support. Our highly skilled technical agents are at your service 24/7, 365 days a year. We strive for your uninterrupted business operations. Whether you need complete POS stations, credit card processing, e-commerce POS integration, or contactless payment, we are here to fulfill your needs.

  • Custom Receipts

    To match your occasional needs, we have many templates you can use to personalize your receipts. Get the advantage and create campaigns that support special occasions, seasonal sales, promotions, and discounts.

Our POS Retail Systems Include…

Our all-inclusive point-of-sale (POS) system includes essential hardware such as a cash register, cash drawer/till, printer, barcode scanner, and credit card processing machine. This combination makes for a flawless payment processing experience for you.

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Unlimited Opportunities For All Businesses

Irrespective of the type and size of business you run—be it a retail store, restaurant, or online shop—we have every solution for your payment processing system. Our complete solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses. We provide a smooth transaction experience and convenient operations.

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