Clover Mini POS ─ A Compact Mini System

A handy and compact credit card machine.

Clover Mini is an ideal POS solution for mini systems. It is flexible, portable, and compact for all restaurant, retail, or service businesses requiring a small countertop mini station. Overall, it is a complete business solution.

Product Description

This handheld mini is small but packs enough power to run your business end-to-end. Its sleek design enables it to fit into small spaces, and its diversity allows it to manage the whole business, from inventory to payroll. It accepts every kind of payment, including magnetic (magstripe) stripe, EMV chip credit and debit cards, and contactless payments.


Clover reports are super-efficient, allowing you to gain insights into all your daily or hourly sales. The POS keeps you informed about your revenue states. Additionally, you can monitor your best-selling items and generate reports for discounts and refunds. 

  • Access reports from any device, PC, or laptop
  • Check accumulative revenue from all branches
  • Tracks discounts, refunds, and daily sales
  • Generate real-time reports

Create your loyalty program in minutes for your loyal customers to bring them back without paying a single penny.

The dimensions of Clover Mini are 6.47” H x 8” W x 3.73” D 

What Is Inside The Box?

You will find these items when you unbox your compact station.

Clover Mini Swivel Stand

This terminal is specifically designed for small sales counters. Whenever a customer comes for billing, locating the device on your messy counter-tops can be challenging. To make your workspace more organized and efficient, swivel stands are available. These stands are extremely helpful in keeping the device securely in one place, allowing you more space for other tasks. 

clover mini swivel stand

Setting Up The POS

To start accepting payments from your POS, you need to set up and plug in the device as per the instructions in the quick setup guide inside the box. Setting up and turning the machine on takes a few minutes.

After the device turns on, you will have to activate WiFi. Once it is done, you can set up an admin account, install apps, and customize your payment terminal.

The Mini POS offers;


The Clover Mini terminal is a compact, space-saving countertop POS system for midsize business owners. Its easy setup includes pre-installed POS software. The device offers a simple-to-navigate app market for custom features, making it versatile and adaptable. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking better payment processing fees and efficient business management tools.


Why Clover Mini not turning on?

If your mini terminal is not turning on, eliminate these potential reasons one by one:

  1. Check the power source: Ensure that the power adapter is connected correctly. Try switching the power outlet to confirm the power source.
  2. Confirm the charging dock: Ensure that the POS is appropriately placed on the charging dock and that the port is connected to a power source.
  3. Check the battery: Leave it on charge for a few minutes and see if the issue was a drained battery by turning it on again.
  4. Reset device: Press the power button for a few seconds, then release it. Wait for a little while, and then press the power button again to see if the device powers on. 
  5. Contact support: The only thing left to do is to call Clover customer support, as the issue can be hardware-related.
What is clover security?

It is a set of measures to protect merchants and customers during payment processing. It includes EMV compliance, tokenization, encryption, and P2PE for securing transactions and safeguarding customer data.

Does Mini Flex accept Apple Pay?

Yes, it accepts all NFC payments, including Apple Pay.

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