PAX E800: A Stylish POS Terminal For Retail Stores

In this fast-paced business world of modern retail and hospitality, it is extremely crucial to have an efficient and reliable POS system. So comes the PAX E800 Android POS payment terminal. This sleek device is an all-in-one solution for retail business owners. 

Fast And Efficient

When it comes to payment processing speed, the PAX E800 is equipped with a powerful quad-core processor, ensuring fast performance. Whether you're running a busy restaurant, a retail store, or any other business, the E800 Android POS Terminal can handle complex data transfers and time-consuming IT management tasks with ease.

Its powerful quad-core processor and enough memory capacity enable you to run your business apps and process payments smoothly, even during peak hours.

All-In-One Convenience

PAX E800 is next-level technology with every option you can think of in order to operate an efficient retail business. You can integrate all third-party apps and solutions on this machine. In addition, it supports payment methods, including credit cards, mobile wallets, and QR code transactions, making it adaptable to any business environment.

Stylish And Functional

Unlike traditional cash registers, the PAX E800 is made for an elegant checkout experience. Its sleek design and high-quality IPS touchscreen display use adaptive technology to match the retail environment's screen brightness automatically. Plus, the display is viewable from any angle (tilting), making it convenient for both staff and customers.

PAX Stylish Android POS Terminal

Crystal-Clear Display

The E800 features a 15.6 inch IPS touchscreen display that delivers visuals with its 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution (FHD). The touchscreen is highly responsive. Additionally, it supports multitouch gestures for efficient data input.


Multiple Peripheral Ports

A snap lid cover at the bottom of the device nicely conceals port wiring mess and provides security for the ports.

Dimensions And Weight

How To Set Up Your E800

Take Away

All in all, the PAX E800 is a modern and comprehensive solution for any retail business. Its chic design complements every business counter, whether it's a small store or a large retail chain.

From accepting magnetic stripe cards to contactless payments and QR code scanning, this device accommodates every payment method. Its fast processor, ample memory, and extensive storage capacity make the device highly efficient for managing large operations. And let's not forget about the spacious front and customer-facing screens, complete with a card reader.

The PAX E800 is the perfect fit for your business. Contact us now to secure your deal.

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