Dejavoo Z11: A Reliable Countertop

A high-tech, modern, fancy, and extra-featureful product is not always the demand of every business. Many businesses require simple and affordable payment solutions for their countertops. If you are among one of those, then you have found the right choice, “The Dejavoo Z11.”

Product Description

This countertop supports major credit card acceptance methods, including popular digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. The compact color touchscreen streamlines navigation for both you and your staff. The consumer does not have to bear any additional fees that tag along with many other renowned Wi-Fi-enabled credit card machines.

The only minimal cost the user has to bear is refilling the built-in thermal printer paper roll. By no means is this point-of-sale lacking any necessary features to accept debit or credit card payments.



Dejavoo Z11 has everything every business needs, from the dial, cable, or wireless triple connectivity options to the payment acceptance variety. The multifunctional touchscreen has all the necessary security features to safeguard your payments.


Does Dejavoo Z11 take Apple Pay?

Yes, it supports all contactless and virtual wallet methods like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Mastercard PayPass, Samsung Pay, and Visa PayWave.

How do I set up my Dejavoo Z11?

To set up your device;

  1. Unbox and inspect.
  2. Connect power and the internet.
  3. Initialize the terminal.
  4. Configure payment processing.
  5. Test transactions.
  6. Load the receipt paper.
  7. Set up receipt printing.
  8. Customize settings.
  9. Train your staff.
  10. Connect to the DeNovo business portal (if applicable).
What is the default password for this device?

The default password is provided by the supplier when the device is purchased. This default password varies from processor to processor. The user has to call customer service to know the default password and change it immediately for security reasons.

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