Hyosung Force 2800 ATM

The Hyosung Force 2800 ATM is one of the most popular retail ATMs that Hyosung manufactures. It is the advanced version of 2700, which the manufacturer now discontinues. With its astonishing features and reliable hardware, the Force 2800 is the perfect choice for you. Thanks to the Force’s ease of use, using the ATM will be a smooth ride for your customers. All while you rest assured that your business is safe with the reliable security features of the ATM.

Modern Aesthetic

Its modern body style is unique and advanced and enhances the appearance of any modern place, such as malls, superstores, or restaurants. The machine is now the favourite choice among ATM business owners because of its style and advanced functionality. 

Interactive Software

The Hyosung Force 2800 has a new and improved user interface running on Microsoft Windows CE 6.0. The brilliant interface will allow your customers to use the ATM without any hurdles. In addition, the vibrant 12.1” TFT LCD (Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) allows everything to be seen as clear as day.

With this ATM, the integrated topper comes with customizable brightness, which can be set to high, medium, or low, as per your requirements. This enables the ATM to adapt to any environment, be it a darker place like a club or a bright space such as a walk-through ATM. In addition, 4x2 capacitive buttons allow on-screen navigation to be done as smoothly as butter.

Hyosung Automated teller machine


There is a light installed in the cash vault that allows services and re-loads to be done easily, without the need for someone to hold a flashlight at the vault. The Force also has four power cord holes, giving maximum versatility and allowing the ATM to be installed anywhere. Additionally, there is a rack inside the cabinet to place modem or router on a need basis. 

Hyosung ATM


An optional camera can be installed into the Hyosung Force 2800, which can photograph the user during a transaction. The photograph can then be attached and stored with the associated transaction record. For additional security, a camera mount is also provided to install a third-party camera if needed.

Full Specifications:


Microsoft Window® CE6.0


Wireless, Dial-up, TCP/IP

Screen Output

12.1” TFT LCD, Privacy filter (optional)

Input Technologies:


Card Reader

Cash Dispenser


Power Supply

Environmental Conditions

Additional Features


Wrap Up

Overall, the Hyosung Force 2800 ATM is a modern and versatile machine equipped with the latest features. It boasts a large touch screen, touch function keys, the latest software, sleek hardware, an additional power cord holder for improved organization, an interior light, an advanced thermal printer, and the option to install a camera as needed to capture user interactions. These features make it the preferred choice for modern spaces.

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